Lacus Pelso Holiday Home General Terms and Conditions


Service provider (accommodation provider)
A natural or legal person who, for consideration, provides accommodation to a guest.

A natural or legal person who uses the accommodation and arrives with him/her.

Contractual partner
A foreign or domestic natural or legal person who concludes an accommodation contract as a guest or for a guest.

The accommodation contract
The contract concluded between the Service Provider and the Contracting Party.

A reservation is made when the Guest makes a reservation and the Service Provider accepts it and confirms the Guest’s order by email.

A reservation is made when the Contractual Partner or the Guest pays the amount of the order confirmed by the Service Provider to the Contractual Partner or the Guest in cash or by advance payment to the Service Provider’s bank account.

Payment terms
– A deposit of 20 % is payable by bank transfer at the time of booking.
– The remaining balance must be paid in full by bank transfer or credit card within 14 days before the start of the accommodation service.
– Foreign sales tax varies each year according to local regulations and is payable on the spot.
– The cost of the transfer is always at the customer’s expense.

Terms and conditions of modification
Changes of dates can only be accepted by written agreement, as per the cancellation conditions.

Cancellation conditions
– Cancellations will only be accepted in writing.
– Cancellation or modification of an order without penalty is possible up to 3 months prior to arrival.
– Cancellations or amendments may be made 1-3 months prior to arrival and will be charged at 50% of the accommodation price.
– Cancellation or modification within 30 days prior to arrival will be charged at 100% of the booked service fee.
In case of a “no-show” without cancellation, the accommodation service will be considered as used and the Service Fee will not be refunded.

Cancellation by the Service Provider
If the Contractual Partner or the Guest has not paid the deposit or has not paid the deposit by the predetermined date, the accommodation provider may cancel the accommodation contract.
If the Guest fails to arrive by 18:00 on the agreed arrival date, the accommodation provider shall be no longer obliged to accommodate the Guest, except if a later arrival date has been agreed in writing and agreed in advance.

The accommodation is contracted at the time of the Guest’s occupation of the accommodation, when the Guest takes possession of the accommodation in accordance with the Handover Acceptance Record and confirms this by signing it.
The Guest is obliged to check the equipment and utensils listed in the Handover Acceptance Report when occupying the accommodation and to notify the Service Provider immediately if he/she notices any anomaly or deficiency. This can be done within 1 hour from the time of taking over and must be recorded in the report.
The Service Provider is only entitled to conclude the accommodation contract or to make the apartment available to the Guest if the Guest has fulfilled his/her payment obligations.

Occupation and departure from the accommodation
The accommodation may be occupied between 15:00 and 18:00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure and may only be occupied by the number of guests agreed in advance.
Early arrival and late check-out are subject to availability and are subject to a surcharge. Please check with us before arrival only.
In case of early departure of the booked date, no refund will be given.

Extension of accommodation
Any extension of the stay initiated by the Guest requires the prior agreement of the Service Provider and is subject to payment of the full price of the additional service.

– Guests have free use of the house parking, 2 parking spaces are provided.
– The guest is directly liable for any damage caused to the other parked car.

Wi-fi service
– Wi-fi is available in the house and is free of charge.
– The Guest will receive the password for the Wi-fi connection upon check-in to the apartment.
– The continuous, uninterrupted operation and availability of Wi-fi cannot be guaranteed in the event of a service outage.
– The Service Provider shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage to the Guest’s device or its contents during or as a result of the use of Wi-fi.
– The Guest uses the service at his/her own risk and responsibility.
Items not allowed on the premises
– things classified as corrosive, flammable chemicals or substances under the legislation in force,
– materials classified as flammable and/or explosive by the legislation in force,
– in particular, valuable objects of high value, works of art or museum objects

– fireworks, firecrackers, their parts and components,
– waste, harmful to the environment, harmful to health,
– psychotropic substance,
– firearm, ammunition.
The Service Provider may, upon prior written request of the Guest, authorise in writing the introduction of non-takeaway item(s) into the accommodation area.
– If the guest brings into the accommodation area any item(s) that cannot be brought in without the prior written permission of the Service Provider, the Service Provider may remove or have removed the item(s) at the expense of the guest.
– The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage caused to items brought in without permission.
– The guest shall be fully liable, both legally and financially, for any damage or injury caused to other guests, third parties or the Service Provider by the unauthorised entry of the object.

Termination or early termination of the contract
The contract is concluded for a fixed period of time, but if the Guest leaves the house before the end of the contract, the Service Provider is entitled to charge the full price. An exception is made if the Parties agree otherwise. The Service Provider is entitled to resell the apartment vacated before the expiry date.

The accommodation provider has the right to terminate the accommodation contract with immediate effect in the following cases
– if the guest has not made proper use of the accommodation or if the guests invites other people as guest
– if the guest, by his/her inconsiderate and inappropriate behaviour, has violated the rules of coexistence
– insults or endangers the property, morals or physical integrity of other guests
– if the guest is infectiously ill and requires care or endangers the health of other guests during his/her stay

Conditions for bookings sold by contracted partners (intermediaries):
Guests arriving through online booking portals or travel agencies selling Lacus Pelso Holiday Home are also subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Policy and in all cases the information on the property’s own website shall prevail.
The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages or omissions resulting from any misinformation or discrepancies.

Liability of the Guest for damages
Any damage caused by the Guest in our apartment house will be reported and in any case the damage will be compensated. The value of each item of furniture and equipment shall be as recorded in the Handover and Acceptance Report, and in the case of any other damage, the amount of the damage shall be determined by mutual agreement or by the involvement of an expert (Contractor-Developer). The Guest shall be liable for any damage caused or caused by the fault of the Guest himself or of persons, persons, pets, etc. under his responsibility. The Guest shall in all cases also be liable to pay full compensation for such damage.
The Service Provider shall invoice the Guest for any damage resulting from non-compliance with these T&Ca, which the Guest shall be liable to pay.

Objects found
Objects left by the Guest will be kept for 30 days. If requested in writing, they will be posted for an extra fee (postage + service charge of HUF 2000), payable in full in advance.

In case of illness or death of the guest
If a guest falls ill in the accommodation, the Service Provider may call for medical assistance at the request of the guest, but if the Service Provider considers the situation to be dangerous or necessary, or if the guest is unable to do so on his/her own, the Service Provider may call for medical assistance without the request of the guest. If the Guest is incapable of making a decision or if the Service Provider is unable to contact the Guest’s relatives, the Service Provider may arrange for medical care at the Guest’s expense. This responsibility of the Supplier ends when the Guest is able to make an independent decision or when the relatives have been informed of the illness.
The Service Provider shall be entitled to claim from the Contractual Partner or the Guest, or in the event of death, from the successor in title, all costs incurred (e.g. medical expenses, costs of transporting the patient, costs of medicines, medical aids, necessary room disinfection, disinfection or replacement of the bed or bed linen, cleaning of walls or the bed, etc.). the restoration of furniture and carpets damaged during sickness or death, reimbursement of costs to compensate for the uninhabitable state of the room, and any other damage).
In the event of the death of the Guest, the contract with the Service Provider shall be terminated.

If the performance of the contract becomes impossible or fails due to an unforeseen force majeure or event, the accommodation provider may terminate the contract without notice and the accommodation provider is released from its obligation to provide accommodation.

Obligation of the Supplier
– To provide the accommodation ordered on the basis of the reservation in full
– To investigate the Guest’s written complaint and to take the necessary steps to solve the problem.
The guest is obliged to notify the Service Provider immediately of any complaints that may arise; this is no longer possible afterwards.
Smoking is forbidden in the entire property, except in designated areas.

Smoking in the room will be charged at a rate of HUF 10 000 per occasion.
Thank you for your understanding!
Have a nice stay!

*This T&Cs is subject to change by the Service Provider.